Supported Strips


  • 1.0.27
    24 Feb 2003
    Added 180 new strips (Kim Scarborough)

    Fixed "Clan of the Cats", "Little Gamers"

    Added "Fleem", "Queen of Wands", "WIGU" (Kevin Fenzi)

    Added "Overdue" (Daniel Chudnov)

    15 Mar 2003
    Added "Ben Sargent", "Pat Oliphant" (J. Traub)

    Fixed "I Need Help" (J. Traub)

    Added 20 assorted strips (J. Traub)

    Fixed "Bruno the Bandit" (Christian Rubbert)

    Added "Nicht Lustig" (Christian Rubbert)

    Added "Aford Turtle" and "Hackles" (Jesper Lindh)

    16 Mar 2003
    Fixed "Scary Go Round"

  • 1.0.26:
    02 Jul 2002
    Added "Achewood"

    27 Aug 2002
    Added strips "Death to the Extremist" (CJ Kucera), "Jack" (Anders Bruun Olsen)

    29 Nov 2002
    Fixed "As If!"

    28 Dec 2002
    Updated and strips and cleaned up misc. other strips

    23 Feb 2003
    Fixed "The Devil's Panties", "The Class Menagerie", "Diesel Sweeties", "Fans"

  • 1.0.25:
    26 May 2002:
    Fixed sfgate strips

    18 Jun 2002:
    Fixed Penny Arcade

    21 Jun 2002:
    Fixed "Spooner" (Chris Hoover)

    Added "Underpower" and "Nekobox" (Josh Brand)

    Added "Perscheids Abgruende", "Harm Bengen's Alltagsskizzen", "Weyershausen", "Touche" (Soeren Gerlach)

    Added "Drawing a Crowd", "I Need Help", "On the Fast Track", "Pibgorn", "Safe Havens", and "Working Daze" (Ted Richards)

    dailystrips-clean can now remove obsolete entries from the archive.html file

    27 Jun 2002:
    Fixed "Dorktower", "Penny Arcade", "Sexy Losers"

    30 Jun 2002:
    Added "Marvin", Moved "Andy Capp", "BC", "Wizard of ID" to Washington Post (Kenneth Ballard)

  • 1.0.24:
    24 Apr 2002:
    Moved definitions for strips that are no longer updated but which can still be downloaded for previous days to 'archive.def' (Badtech, Citizen Dog)

    07 May 2002:
    Fixed a bug in the call to the dailystrips-clean script (Rene Weber)

    Added "Real Life", "Sheldon", "Weak-end Warriors" (Mike Schwartz)

    Fixed strips (Aaron D. Marasco)

    Removed "Professor Doodles"

    Fixed another file extension detection bug (Pat Lashley)

    24 May 2002:
    Removed "Lupo Alberto", "Off Sides", "Rug Rats", "Basement Studio", "Crabby Road", "Not Quite Right", "Real Life", "Wandering Ones", "When I Grow Up", "That's Jake"

    Fixed "Pathetic Geek Stories", "Cute Wendy", "Mr. Chuck Show", "Zapiro", "Bobbins"

    Fixed strips to work on Sundays.

    Added several new strips (Marcie Alana Lovell)

  • 1.0.23:
    02 Apr 2002:
    'Diesel Sweeties' fixed

    Disabled Liberty Meadows again

    'PC and Pixel' fixed (Jeff Brown)

    'Bottom Liners' restored

    'Brainbuzz' and 'The Duplex' added (Robert Fleming)

    Typo in help fixed (Rene Weber)

    'Sexy Losers' fixed (Matt Hucke)

    'Swamp' added (David Findlay) updated to be more configurable

    Fixed bug with --stripnav option

    Removed 'Wee Pals', 'Dear Dudley', 'Punc and Mark', 'Spooner', 'Jack Ohman'

    Fixed 'Dork Tower', 'Under the Lemon Tree'

    04 Apr 2002:
    Fixed 'The Norm' (Ryan T. Dean)

    06 Apr 2002:
    Added 'Something Positive'

    Added Melonpool (Ryan T. Dean)

    Fixed '8-Bit Theater'

    Cleaned some old junk out of the definitions file

    16 Apr 2002:
    Fixed 'Dork Tower', 'Pathetic Geek Stories', 'Zapiro', 'Mac Hall'

    Fixed file-extension detection

    18 Apr 2002:
    Added 'Flem' (David S. Geirsson)

    20 Apr 2002:
    Fixed 'As If'

  • 1.0.22:
    12 Jan 2002:
    Added 'Off the Mark'

    13 Jan 2002:
    Typo in script fixed.

    Previously, if the script was run more than once in a day and downloading of a strip succeeded during one run but failed in the next, an error would be reported and the existence of a local strip file for the day was not considered. Now, for generate-type strips, the local file will be re-used if downloading fails at a later time.

    14 Jan 2002: will now refuse to run on Win32

    18 Jan 2002:
    Added strips "As If", "Nip 'N Tuck", "Under the Lemon Tree", and "Winter" (Elf M. Sternberg)

    25 Jan 2002:
    On Win32, a copy of the output page (local mode) is now created as index.html

    03 Feb 2002:
    Fixed Penny Arcade (Daniel M. Drucker)

    Added 'dailystrips-clean' script that will delete any files older than a specified number of days

    Fixed "The Class Menagerie"

    10 Feb 2002:
    Removed 'Sexy Losers'

    12 Feb 2002:
    Made number of retries configurable

    Fixed a few broken strips (Dorktower, Life So Rad, Winter)

    16 Feb 2002:
    Fixed PC and Pixel, Liberty Meadows (Jeff Brown)

    Added "Bobbins" (Robert Jagger)

  • 1.0.21:
    28 Oct 2001:
    Fixed --nostale option - code was there, but attempting to use it would result in a 'no such option' error.

    11 Nov 2001:
    Fixed strips '8bit Theater' and 'Adventurers' (Martin Feeney)

    Fixed strip 'Diesel Sweeties'

    Fixed a bug in defs parsing where a lack of parentheses in searchpattern lines was not reported.

    Added strip 'Mr. Potato Head' (Tucker McLean)

    Fixed a problem with using both --nospaces and --stripdir

    Added strips 'Walky', 'Jackie's Fridge', 'Schlock Mercenary', and 'Unicorn Jelly' (Ted Berg)

    12 Nov 2001:
    Fixed strip 'Avalon High'

    Now completely up to date with strips

    Fixed a bug in defs parsing where referencing of non-existant classes was not reported

    Now completely up to date with strips

    02 Jan 2002:
    Fixed RPG World def

    Added strips greytown, slowwave, sexylosers, youdamnkid, houndshome, cutewendy, lifesorad, bigones (Rich Lafferty)

    Added 'artist' keyword to defs file

    Fixed freefalf def to work on Win32

    12 Jan 2002:
    Fixed 'Avalon High' (again), 'Sexy Losers', 'Zippy the Pinhead', 'Adventurers', 'Freckles', 'Lil Abner', 'Kevin Tuma'

    Removed 'In2It Online'

    When running under --dailydir, no longer puts the HTML output in the dailydir directory since the IMG tags would be wrong from there anyway.

  • 1.0.20:
    08 Oct 2001:
    Added spiderman, tuma, nowak, asay, lang, shelton (Jeff Brown)

    14 Oct 2001:
    Made "matchpart 1" lines unnecessary

    Added elflife, elflifeadult, funnyfarm, ozyandmillie, suburbanjungle, acidreflux, whenigrowup (Jarrod Benjami Johnson)

    16 Oct 2001:
    Added mechanism to automatically retry downloading bad links. Some webservers seem to be randomly returning bogus 404s on strip images, possibly with the intent of tripping up programs such as this.

    26 Oct 2001:
    Fixed 8bit Theater, Diesel Sweeties, Shelton, Spiderman

    Removed Adventurers, hotzp/Bad Boys of Computer Science (both gone)

    Added system-wide definitions (Rene Weber)

    Added --stripnav option to insert links for jumping to specific strips on a large page of comics (Joseph Blough)

    27 Oct 2001:
    Added --nosymlinks, --titles options and links to archive on strip pages

    Added sevtrek, fotr, sevgate, bluffy, sevfiles, sevwars, sevylon5, sevscifi (Douglas Riga)

  • 1.0.19:
    07 Sep 2001:
    Removed some Win32 code that no longer applied to anything

    13 Sep 2001:
    Fixed Zapiro

    21 Sep 2001:
    Added 16 new strips (Martin Feeney)

    24 Sep 2001:
    Fixed Megatokyo

    Added Spaz Labs (JR Boyens)

    26 Sep 2001:
    Added strip glasbergen

    08 Oct 2001:
    Fixed sluggy to cover more days, still doesn't handle multi-image strips

    Added frazz, janesworld, bfriends; revised spooner, pcnpixel, thenorm (Chris Hoover)

    Fixed boasas, glasbergen, striptease

  • 1.0.18:
    18 Aug 2001:
    Changed the behavior of the program to handle strips that don't get updated daily in a more intelligent manner. Now the most current strip possible is saved. By default, a strip that is the same as the previous day's is still displayed but the new '--nostale' option can be used to display an message in the HTML output instead when an updated strip is not available. Also, the --new option has been removed.

    20 Aug 2001:
    Added a --lite option for outputting reduced HTML

    Added --random to select a random strip to get

    Fixed 8-Bit Theater

    28 Aug 2001:
    Added strip pgs

    Changed method of operation for search mode to be more flexible

    Fixed a bug in groups support (Pat Lashley)

    03 Sep 2001:
    Renamed the script to just 'dailystrips', not ''

    RPMs now available

    04 Sep 2001:
    Fixed DorkTower (proabaly only temporarily), jokesonyou, and striptease

    scragends seems to be gone - removed

  • 1.0.17:
    01 Aug 2001:
    Small fix to Avantgo table generation

    08 Aug 2001:
    Added Astronomy Picture of the Day (Chip Marshall)

    Win32 fixes

    09 Aug 2001:
    Additional Win32 fix

    10 Aug 2001:
    Small (but important) fixes

    Fixed Exploitation Now, small optimizations to other regexps

    Fixed display of date in output on certain platforms (FreeBSD, Win32 known)

    Even more fixes to --date. It should work now. Really.

    14 Aug 2001:
    Typo fixes
    Fixed several broken strips

    16 Aug 2001:
    Fixed more broken strips

    17 Aug 2001:
    Continued cleaning up definitions. New total of working strips: 220

  • 1.0.16
    23 Jul 2001:
    Fixed reporting of line numbers for errors encountered while parsing definitions.

    Strip definitions now specify what they can provide (latest image only or the correct strip for any date) so that only strips that can actually provide the strip for the requested date are downloaded when using the --date option.

    Fixed the --date option yet again. (Peter De Wachter)

    Misc code cleanups

    Better error reporting in the definition parser

    Misc bug fixes

    24 Jul 2001:
    Cleaned up some regexps in option parsing code

    Fixed syntax checking and error reporting in option parsing code

    26 Jul 2001:
    Added 8-Bit Theater
    Removed flem, madameve, katies, mrlowe, ribman
    Fixed dorktower
    Cleaned up some regexps

    Fixed proxy server detection

    Implemented urlsuffix in defs file

    27 Jul 2001:
    Implemented Getopt::Long for command line argument processing (Tom Klinger)

    Implemented necessary changes for Win32 (Tom Klinger)

    Implemented preliminary Avantgo support

    Misc code tweaks

    31 Jul 2001:
    Updated several strips to use the class again

  • 1.0.15
    13 Jul 2001:
    Major change: now installs to system directories instead of one dir.
    This involves:
      -installer script
      -strips.def goes in /usr/share/dailystrips
      -docs go in /usr/share/doc/dailystrips-VERSION
      -script goes in /usr/bin
    Personal installations are described in the INSTALL file.

    A --useragent option has been added to specify the User-Agent: header.

    Added new strip: jerkcity

    Other small code fixes

    15 Jul 2001:
    Proxy authentication changed. Please notify if any problems arise.

    Added 'prefetch' keyword to definition file (see README.DEFS for more)

    SF Gate strips seem to be working again

    Other small code fixes

    19 Jul 2001:
    Fixed usage of Date::Parse yet again

    No longer creates index.html when an alternate date is specified (so that it will not overwrite the latest symlink if running for an earlier day)

    Fixed syntax checking of http_proxy environment variable

    23 Jul 2001:
    Better errors for mis-specified proxy servers

    Misc changes

  • 1.0.14
    12 Jul 2001:
    Now uses the strips.def file located in the same directory as the script, instead of checking the current directory (Francesco Chemolli)

    Added 'exclude' keyword for defs file (Francesco Chemolli)

    Personal definition files are now supported (~/.dailystrips.defs)

  • 1.0.13
    04 June 2001:
    Enchanced the strip definition file a bit (see README.DEFS for more)

    Added The Norm definition

    14 May 2001:
    Fixed User Friendly definition

    Fixed routine that checks for presence of Date::Parse module

    Added Dork Tower definition (Mark Larimer)

  • 1.0.12
    11 Mar 2001:
    Added --stripdir option to put the files for each strip in a separate directory (Daniel Skarda)

    Added --date to specify the date to work with, instead of the current date. This works with many strips, but some sites do not provide an HTML page for each day (in the case of URLs that must be searched for) or an image for each day (in the case of URLs that are generated). Check the definition file before using this option, or you may end up downloading current strips in addition to strips for the specified date (this requires the Date::Parse module from CPAN) (Daniel Skarda)

    Added --verbose option to give extra status information. This is helpful if you're trying to figure out what's wrong when a strip won't download.

    Fixed the Dr. Fun definition - the strip is not updated daily

  • 1.0.11
    07 Mar 2001:
    Output no longer contains my name and email, so as not to confuse the lawyers.

  • 1.0.10
    27 Feb 2001:
    Documentation now better explains usage of groups

    Non-date variables now use '$' instead of '%'. Before, when both used '%' it was impossible for the script to distinguish between a date variable follwed by unrelated text and any other sort of named variable (most importantly, this was breaking Sluggy Freelance)

    Added several new strips

    Fixed several strips

    Added --nospaces option (Michael Lewis)

    Added proxy authentication support

  • 1.0.9
    24 Feb 2001:
    Added groups support - define multiple strips as one keyword

    Minor code enhancements

    Fixed jokesonyou definition

    21 Feb 2001:
    Added Peanuts and everything except Yak's Corner from (strip count is now 206)

    Cleaned out a bunch of old code from the script

    Made searchpage the default referer (if different than homepage)

    Added documentation for the strip definition file

  • 1.0.8
    20 Feb 2001:
    Added HTTP proxy server support

    Added 'referer' value to definition file - this can be used if a web server refuses to return the image without a referer set. Actually, the program uses 'homepage' as a default referer - you only need to specify 'referer' if the homepage value doesn't work.

    Fixed a bug that was causing problems with image files that have no extension

    With the completion of the above two items, SFGate strips should now work properly.

    Fixed the Avalon High definition

    Cleaned up the definition file parsing code somewhat

  • 1.0.7
    19 Feb 2001:
    Added several new strips (total is now 148)

    18 Feb 2001:
    Fixed a bug when using the --dailydir option that would make incorrect symlinks for duplicate files

    Fixed the sample code in README.LOCAL

  • 1.0.6
    02 Feb 2001:
    Added --basedir option. dailystrips will change to the specified directory to look for information files and save new files there. This makes possible the elimination of lines in cron scripts to manually change to a directory for operation.

    31 Jan 2001:
    The strips definition file now specifies the frequency that each strip is expected to be updated at (just daily/semidaily for now). Now, dailystrips will not download the same image two days in a row for a daily strip (which previously would happen if it was being run before a strip's website was updated with the day's new strip). If you wish to add to the definitions file, note that "updated daily" is assumed (being the most common) if no "updated" line is present - only "updated semidaily" needs to be specified.

    29 Jan 2001:
    Fixed a bug with the new mode of sylinking to previous images (previously, if today's image wass a symlink and the program was being run for the second time that day,the old file would get overwritten - this has been fixed by deleting the symlink before downloading a new strip and doing the comparison.

  • 1.0.5
    29 Jan 2001:
    Added sfgate strips & misc others (Dave Tweed)

    28 Jan 2001:
    Implemented detection and symlinking for duplicate strip files to save disk space. (Scott Carlson)

  • 1.0.4
    26 Jan 2001:
    Added all strips from (Joaquín Perez again).

    Implemented strip definitions file to describe strips (instead of having a separate subroutine for each strip in the program). See strips.def to see how this works.

  • 1.0.3
    24 Jan 2001:
    Added --dailydir option (Marc Doumayrou)

    Also added links to previous day's page (Marc again), and a link in the previous day's page to today's page.

    Added warning/error messages if various operations fail that the user should know about.

  • 1.0.2
    24 Jan 2001:
    Added the rest of the strips at (Joaquín Perez). dailystrips now has a total of 38 strips available.

    23 Jan 2001:
    Re-did command line options parsing code so that order of commands no longer matters

    Added --archive option. This adds a link to the current day's page to the file archive.html

    Added --noindex option. This disables symlinking the latest page to 'index.html'

    Various other cleanups

  • 1.0.1
    22 Jan 2001:
    No longer uses the external 'date' command. Now, dailystrips should run on any platworm where the modules HTTP::Request, LWP::UserAgent, and POSIX are available.

    Added --save option. This recognizes if a strip has already been downloaded for the currect day and saves time/bandwidth by not re-downloading.

    Added 2 new strips - Garfield & Adam@home

    Various other code cleanups/optimizations

    21 Jan 2001:
    No longer uses wget - replaced with LWP This enhances portability and also allows for better error handling of failed downloads.

  • 1.0.0
    20 Jan 2001:
    First public release


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