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This is mostly my rambling, but feel free to implement anything you want to tackle..

  • 1.0.21:
    02 Jan 2002:
    Create some way of automatically downloading the latest defs file

    12 Jan 2002:
    Themeable output

    Time-stamped errors, log errors to a file

  • 1.0.19:
    13 Sep 2001:
    Make 'provides' information in definitions more specific than 'every day' or 'some days'. A more useful solution would be to allow the specification of which days of the week strips are provided.

  • 1.0.18:
    04 Sep 2001:
    Add a method for handling strips that are made up of more than one image (for example, Avalon High and CRFH). This may get complicated for strips that have one scheme for single images one some days and another for multiple images on other days. Related to this, add a method for trying several different search options - some strips (e.g. dorktower) seem to rotate between a few different ones and it's impractical to keep switching the def in every release.

    Add a manpage - possibly use Rene Weber's work for Debian as a starting point

  • 1.0.16
    27 July 2001:
    Write a test script to verify that everything works as it should to cut down on releases of code with easily detectable bugs

    Package as an RPM - DONE in 1.0.18

    Fully test Win32 changes

    Implement symlinking when using avantgo option

  • 1.0.9
    24 Feb 2001:
    Now that a group capability has been added to the definition file, it appears necessary to support some sort of 'local' or personal definition file, in addition to the distributed one. If only a single file was supported, anyone with custom groups would have to copy/paste them from the old file into the new whenever they upgraded the definition file. I'd do this now, but it's 3AM and I need the sleep. - DONE in 1.0.14

  • 1.0.6
    02 Feb 2001:
    Since the program is starting to get rather large and handles so many different options, it looks like it may be a good idea to split it up into several smaller programs programs to each handle a specific task. I'll be starting a developmemt branch shortly to get started on this.

    31 Jan 2001:
    Look into using the Getopt perl module for getting command-line parameters. - DONE in 1.0.16

  • 1.0.4
    26 Jan 2001
    Revise definitions file parsing code (functional but messy..)

    Implement an option to remove files older than a set number of days (for example, anything more than a week old). This would conserve disk space when downloading a large number of strips daily.

    Add a 'group' section to strips.def where you can specify an alias (such as "tech") that would stand for several strips (such as "userfriendly", "joyoftech", and "badtech") - DONE in 1.0.9

  • 1.0.1
    22 Jan 2001:
    Test on Win32 & MacOS

  • 1.0.0
    20 Jan 2001:
    Need to detect failure to download images (for local mode, to avoid 'broken' images) - DONE in 1.0.1

    It would be nice to detect duplicate images when in local mode and just symlink to the previous file (to save disk space). This applies to semi- daily strips only. - DONE in 1.0.5

    Idea: expand to modes of operation other than just generating an HTML page, such as emailing the strips (either as attachments (hard) or as an HTML page with links to copies on the server)

    Another mode: CGI (possible methods: download on demand, once per day; or always re-download on demand (for high-bandwidth users only))

    Change wget to use LWP or similar (for portability) - DONE in 1.0.1

    Change `date +%..` to use Perl builtin (for portability) - DONE in 1.0.1


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