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  • 1.0.21:
    12 Jan 2002:
    Script does not seem to work on Perl 5.0 due to <code:> parser

  • 1.0.13
    04 June 2001:
    The new <code:> feature seems to be ok. The only issue may be the escaping of > symbols in the code. I think I've handled it properly - let me know if there are any problems or if there's a better way.

    15 May 2001:
    sfgate still isn't working right. They seem to have devised some way of only allowing strip images to be downloaded when you're actually looking at the webpage. It's more sophisticated that just checking the referer (which is already handled) - but I'm sure it will be figured out soon enough.

  • 1.0.12
    11 Mar 2001:
    Since the program does not keep track of which options you use when running in local mode, changing options from one day to the next (such as using --dailydir one day and --stripdir the next) will prevent it from being able to check for duplicates that time. Unless you switch options every day, though, this shouldn't really be a problem.

    When using the --date option, the program downloads strips that may not be for the correct day anyway (such as searching an index.html page, as opposed to a %Y%m%d.html page). The definitions should declare whether or not they can find a strip for a specific day, or just the latest one. - FIXED in 1.0.16

  • 1.0.8
    20 Feb 2001:
    Need better error handling with the LWP::UserAgent module (if there's a problem, report exactly *what* went wrong - proxy, etc..)

    The definition file parsing code needs to be re-thought and re-done. It works, but gets weird in places and is generally hard to maintain.

    One thing I should have mentioned for 1.0.4 is that the defs file parsing code gives completely erroneous line numbers (they represent the lines of the file after removing blank line and comment lines) and should be dealt with. - FIXED in 1.0.16

  • 1.0.6
    02 Feb 2001:
    It's not actually a bug in the program, but I'd like to advise users anyway that something is wrong at sfgate.com, so none of the strips from that site are available. (19 Feb 2001 - not surprisingly, all is well now)

  • 1.0.4
    26 Jan 2001:
    The definition file-parsing code, while it works fine on correctly formatted files, weird things may happen with improperly formatted files (most obvious problems are checked for, but not all may be caught).

  • 1.0.0
    20 Jan 2001:
    The command-line option parsing stuff works for me, but it really isn't "right". For example, it's impossible to use --output with --local. Also, "--quiet" won't work completely if specified last. This section needs a complete rethink to operate optimally. - FIXED in 1.0.2

    If an image doesn't download (404 error), but the remote webserver returns a custom 404 page, this 404 page gets saved as the image, causing a "broken" image. This should be detected. - FIXED in 1.0.1


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