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 What is dailystrips?   

dailystrips is a perl script to automatically download your favorite online comics from the web. It currently supports over 500 comics and offers a 'local' mode in which strips are downloaded and saved locally to speed access time.

 1.0.28 Released   

25 August 2003:
1.0.28 is now out. Release 1.0.28 includes numerous fixed definitions and several new ones as well (554 comics supported). Also now fixed is the RedHat 8/9 incompatibility. Finally, this release includes an expiremental auto-update script for definitions files.


 1.0.27 Released   

16 March 2003:
1.0.27 is now out. This is a major update over the last version, fixing a number of strips and adding over 200 new ones. The current strip count is 546.

With luck, development will now be back on schedule.


 1.0.26 Released   

23 Feb 2003:
After much delay, 1.0.26 has been released. A number of strips have been added and fixed. The number of strips is now 339.

With luck, development will now be back on schedule.



09 July 2002:
dailystrips-web is a web version of dailystrips that runs as a CGI. It's useful if you want to provide dailystrips to several users with different comic preferences, without using lots of disk space.


 1.0.25 Released   

01 July 2002:
1.0.25 has been released. Several strips have been added/fixed, sfgate strips have been (hopefully) fixed permanently, and the dailystrips-clean script can now update the archive.html file as well. The number of strips is now 318.


 1.0.24 Released   

24 May 2002:
1.0.24 has been released. This release deals mainly with fixing a number of broken strips and adding several new ones. The number of strips is now 304.

The documentation here on the website will be updated as soon as possible after this weekend.


 1.0.23 Released   

21 April 2002:
1.0.23 has been released. As usual, much work has been done on the definitions: old strips have been removed, broken ones have been fixed, and several new ones have been added. The current total is 303. In addition, a few program bugs have been fixed.


 1.0.22 Released   

16 February 2002:
1.0.22 has been released. This version fixes several strips and adds a number of new ones, bringing the total to 302 strips. This also includes the new dailystrips-clean script. here.


 Cleaning Script Created   

03 February 2002:
By popular demand, a script to automatically delete old files has been created. It is in CVS and may be downloaded by using the "(download)" link here.


 1.0.21 Released   

12 January 2002:
This release includes several code fixes and cleanups, as well as compatibility fixes for other platforms (especially Win32). Also, numerous strips have been added and many existing strips updated. dailystrips now supports 297 comics.


 Other Packages   

11 November 2001:
As some users may also know, dailystrips is also packaged by third parties for Debian GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. These packages are now linked to on the download page.


 1.0.20 Released   

28 October 2001:
This release includes 21 new strips (for a new total of 261), a more reliable way of downloading strips, system-wide definitions, and several new options.


 1.0.19 Released   

08 October 2001:
This release brings a 20 new strips (for a new total of 242) and fixes several others, including MegaTokyo. Enjoy!


 1.0.18 Done   

04 September 2001:
This release brings a few bug fixes, definition updates, an improvement to the handling of strip downloads, and an RPM is now available. Enjoy!


 1.0.17 Ready   

17 August 2001:
In this release several Win32 fixes have been made, several strip definitions have been fixed (also, the definition file as a whole was cleaned up to eliminate defunct strips), and a number of other small bugs have been fixed. Enjoy!


 1.0.16 Hits the Streets   

31 July 2001:
1.0.16 has been finished, bringing myriad changes. Most notable are use of Getopt::Long for argument parsing, initial Win32 support, and initial Avantgo support for loading strips into PDAs. Also included are numerous code fixes and enhancements.


 Update: 1.0.15-1   

24 July 2001:
Update 1.0.15-1 is available to replace the gz and bz2 files released for 1.0.15. Both were missing the INSTALL and install.pl files.


 1.0.15 Released   

23 July 2001:
1.0.15 is complete. This release includes several minor fixes (proxy server syntax, proxy authentication, loading of Date::Parse), a few new features (1 new strip, --useragent option, prefetch function), and a new installer script. Debian packaging is in progress and RPMs should also be available shortly.


 1.0.14 Released   

12 July 2001:
1.0.14 is now out. This brings several new features: automatic use of the strips.defs from the same directory that the script is in, an 'exclude' keyword for groups, and personal definition files.


 1.0.13 Released   

04 June 2001:
1.0.13 is now out. This brings a few new definitions, a fix for User Friendly, a fix for the detection of the Date::Parse module (so now the --date option will work without editing the program), and a new feature for the definition file.


 We're Back!   

28 April 2001:
Keenspot stopped responding to my emails after telling me to stop distribution and didn't give any legal reason why I should, so I'm back.

I've finally made available the beginnings of the new operational model in a development version, 1.1.0. Enjoy!


 Discontinuation of Development   

19 March 2001:
I regret that I must inform the users of dailystrips that, for the time being, I can no longer distribute dailystrips. As some users have already become aware of, certain publishers object to using dailystrips to make publicly available pages (some of the pages concerned were simply private workstations that happened to be available to the internet at large - they were not even meant to be public). This I can understand, as it can be seen as unauthorized redistribution and copyright infringement. Fortunately, the publisher of The Thin H Line, though initially quite unfriendly, did not pursue the matter once the page in question was no longer publicly available. Another publisher, Keenspot (http://www.keenspot.com), has not been so reasonable. They found one site displaying a few of their strips less than two weeks ago and are now insisting that I cease distribution of my program. They do not care that it is intended for personal use only - they claim that manner of use to be just as illegal as making a publicly available website. I obviously do not agree with this argument but unfortunately do not have the means to legally contest it. Instead, I will be informing them that their unfriendly actions have lost them a once-loyal reader and that I will no longer be reading any of their comics, in any form.

Their comics are:
Life's So Rad
It's Walky!
Lost and Found Investigations
General Protection Fault
Clan of the Cats
College Roomies From Hell!!!
Cool Cat Studio
Exploitation Now
The Class Menagerie
Joe Average

They also represent represent:
Sluggy Freelance

I encourage everyone who uses dailystrips to let Keenspot know that their actions have lost them another reader. I hope we can show them that acting like this will get them nowhere.

Although there is nothing I can do at this time, I will be looking for options and hopefully this situation will not be permanent.

Also, In the event that the site at SourceForge becomes unavailable, I will also be maintaining a duplicate of this site at the old location


 1.0.12 Released   

11 March 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.12 is here. Daniel Skarda contributed a --stripdir option to keep the files for each strip in separate directories and a --date option to download strips for a specified date. I added a --verbose option to output extra debugging information (helpful if you're trying to figure out why a strip won't download) and fixed to Dr. Fun definition. (changelog)


 1.0.11 Released   

07 March 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.11 is now out. This release is to address the issue that some people seem to be ignoring the warning in Readme.local and putting the output of dailystrips on public websites. Since my name and email were previously in dailystrips' output, I got a few letters informing me that others' websites were violating copyrights. Hopefully now the lawyers will have to look around for the responsible party's email address instead of telling me to take down someone else's site. The jury is still out on whether or not I will have to start removing certain definitions from the distribution (no, not literally - I hope it never comes to that). (changelog)


 1.0.10 Released   

28 February 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.10 is now out! This version fixes several strips that were not functioning (including Sluggy Freelance). It also features several new strips and supports authenticating to proxy servers. (changelog)

Also, there is now a mailing list for release announcements, so that you don't have to manually check freshmeat or this page. Sign up here.


 1.0.9 Released   

26 February 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.9 is out, bringing with it strip group support, comicspage.com strips (strip count is now 206), and numerous code cleanups. (changelog)


 1.0.8 Released   

20 February 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.8 has been released. This version includes fixes to get the SFGate strips working correctly (finally), and HTTP proxy server support. (changelog)


 1.0.7 Released   

19 February 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.7 has been released. This version includes several new strips, a bug fix for the --dailydir mode, and updates to the documentation. (changelog)

And, as you may have noticed, the website has been moved to SourceForge. Right now I'm just using the web space and CVS, but I plan to use more of the SourceForge features as I find time to figure them out.


 1.0.6 Released   

02 February 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.6 has been released. This release features most notably the ability to detect if it has downloaded the same image as the day before for a daily strip and gives an error instead of showing an old strip. (see the changelog for details)


 1.0.5 Released   

29 January 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.5 has been released. New features include the addition of all of sfgate.com's strips and a few others (134 and counting!), and the detection of duplicate strip files to save disk space. (see the changelog for details)


 1.0.4 Released - Major Changes   

26 January 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.4 has been released. New features include the addition of all of unitedmedia.com's strips (current total: 110 strips) and the addition of a strip definition file to replace the individual subs for each strip in the program. (see the changelog for details)


 1.0.3 Released   

24 January 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.3 has been released. New features include: new --dailydir option, links to previous and next days, and all of ucomics.com's strips are available. (see the changelog for details)

And yes, there was a 1.0.2 - I just didn't update the website before creating 1.0.3.


 1.0.1 Released   

22 January 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.1 has been released. New features include: no more dependence on wget and date and an option to skip downloading when a strip already exists. (see the changelog for details)


 Initial Release   

21 January 2001:
dailystrips-1.0.0 has been released. All basic functionality has been implemented and several strips are available.



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